How To Deal With a Sporting Injury

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If you’re a frequent cyclist or bike racer for some time you’ll realise that there will come a time when you’ve been unable to ride because you’ve sustained an injury.

  Whether it’s from overtraining, a bike that’s not ideal for you or a biking accident, physical rehab may be your best bet for getting back on the road and back to your best as soon as possible. But who do you turn to to get the best possible help? Your first point of contact should be your doctor as they will be able to advise if you need to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon, a sports medicine specialist or a physiotherapist. How will you know whos right for you? How can you find the best treatment for you in a new town or city? 

The benefit of having a fitness-centric lifestyle means it can be easy to find others around you that may be able to point you in the right direction to find a massage therapist to keep your body happy, healthy and injury free. 

How To Choose A Sports Doctor 

Make sure you have a look into finding a doctor who has experience working with sports injuries. Before getting something like physiotherapy to make sure you ask your physician details about your course of treatment any medicines you may have to take while you heal. 

Again, make sure that you read about or check online for any good or positive feedback in regards to your healthcare provider. Word of mouth is also a great way that you’re seeing the best of the best when it comes to your health. 

How Long Should I wait?

You should seek the services of a physio or sports doctor as soon as possible to get the best chance at a full recovery. An in-depth and accurate analysis of your issue is vital to come up with the best course of action for yourself. Imaging such as X-ray & MRI scanning could be necessary to be able to get you as much help as you need, which is another reason any scans need to be done ASAP. 

How will I know when my injury is healed? 

When diagnosing your initial issue, your physio can tell you how long your treatment is expected to last for and what the expected plan of treatment will be. 

What to do after rehabilitation?

Stick to the plan that your physio gave you and do the exercises set for you by the clinic.   

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