How to Cope with Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicidal thoughts are often a result of one or more underlying mental health issues, sometimes made even worse by persistent physical health problems. It is possible to get a handle on those thoughts though if we know how to. In case you or anyone in your life are having suicidal thoughts right now due to a life incident, or you/they have had them on and off for a while, the following discussions might prove to be quite helpful.

Seek Help

The stronger those thoughts are, the more urgently you need to seek out help. Sometimes, all you need is a close friend to share their grief with, while at others, nothing short of an emergency suicide helpline and professional psychiatric counselling can help. The idea is to always tell someone close to you, and seek out professional help as soon as you start having suicidal thoughts. Understand that they might just be mild in the beginning, but the strength of those thoughts will often increase with time. That does not happen in all cases of course, but if you feel that your thoughts of self-harm are not transient, tell someone and seek help before they can start affecting your decisions.

Figure Out the Cause: Acute Causes of Depression

In case of acute depression, the trigger is not that difficult to find, as they are often triggered after:

  • A loved one passes away
  • Tremendous physical pain caused by a medical ailment
  • Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition such as cancer
  • A bad breakup or divorce
  • Moving to a new location with no proper acquaintances, friends or family members
  • Being in a traumatic accident/situation
  • Being humiliated and bullied
  • Loss of employment or suffering heavy business losses
  • Failure

Clinical Causes of Depression and Managing Associated Anxieties

On the other hand, schizophrenia, clinical anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD and various other mental health problems that affect our mood negatively are usually the main culprits behind clinical depression. Additionally, the problem with acute depression is that it may pass, but it can also turn into clinical depression, especially if the trigger is serious enough or remains persistent.

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Acknowledge and Act

Having depression alone is not a guarantee of the fact that the person will experience strong suicidal thoughts at any point in their life mind you, but clinical depression triggered by another mental health issue, in particular, can indeed lead to those thoughts. This happens especially when the condition remains undiagnosed and untreated for a long time. We have already discussed the importance of seeking professional help if you are having suicidal thoughts, but there are plenty of other steps that you can take on your own too. For example, regular exercise releases endorphins, which actively counters serotonin and dopamine shortages quite effectively.

It has been found that anyone who has not been debilitated by their causes of depression to a stage where they have lost their self-control completely, can be medically treated, counselled and nursed back to mental wellbeing. This remains particularly true if the person actively tries to live in a healthy manner, free of addictions, poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle choices.

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