Christmas Shopping in January?

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zDoing your Christmas shopping almost a year before you give the gifts could actually mean that you have enough money to spend much more on all of your family and friends, and it takes the stress off you as there’s no need to do the last minute dash for gifts the week before Christmas Day when many prices are sky high. January is possibly the best time of the year to do your Christmas shopping, as almost every single retail outlet is holding a sale and offering massively discounted prices.

Fashion Deals

For the fashionista in your life, there is a massive range of designer and high street items that you can buy during the January sales. Although you don’t know what’s going to be in fashion and what’s not the next Christmas, there are loads of things that you can buy which just never seem to go off trend, such as designer sunglasses, parka coats, and winter boots. Watches and other accessories also enjoy massive discounts during the January sales, and all make fantastic Christmas presents to store away for the next Christmas Day.


Games consoles and video games are popular Christmas gifts, and also enjoy fantastic deals during the January sales. Because the xBox One and PlayStation 4 are relatively new, you can be quite confident that these consoles will still be the top choice for next Christmas. The only thing you need to worry about when buying games for Christmas during the January sales is that the recipient might buy it at some point before you give it them. Alternatively, you could give it to them as a belated Christmas present, if they don’t mind waiting a week or two after Christmas Day.

Buying Late Gifts for Christmas

If you don’t like the idea of buying Christmas gifts and storing them for a year, you could always buy your Christmas gifts late during the January sales – if your family and friends don’t mind waiting for them, of course. A good way to get around this is to buy them some smaller, inexpensive gifts for Christmas morning so that they’ve got something to open, and buy the bigger, more costly presents during the January sales so that you can save yourself some money. It’s also good to note that many online retailers start clearing out their stock even before Christmas Day, as they know that more people will be shopping and looking for bargains to give as Christmas gifts. eBay and Amazon are great examples of sites which do this, with daily deals on fashion, electronics and other items in both the weeks before and after Christmas.

Who says that you have to give gifts on Christmas Day? Make the festive season last even longer by surprising your family and friends with amazing gifts that you’ve picked up for them in the January sales.

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