How to Celebrate a Birthday on a Budget

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Celebrating a birthday in style doesn’t have to be expensive. Those a little strapped for cash will be happy to learn there are many affordable ways to ensure a loved one has a birthday to remember. Find out to celebrate a birthday on a budget.

Make Your Own Birthday Card

You don’t need to pull out some coloured paper and pens to create a birthday card. The internet now provides some handy tools to help you create some stunning cards in an instant. For example, you can make your own birthday card with the help of Adobe Spark. All you need to do is pick a size, theme and shape before personalising the card with your own images and text, before downloading and printing the card to hand to a recipient.

Bake a Birthday Cake

If you have flour, eggs and butter in the home, why not make your loved one a birthday cake? It will be much cheaper than buying a shop-bought cake and, let’s face it, it will also taste so much better. What’s more, your loved one will be touched by the thought and effort that has gone into creating the cake. All you need to do is find a tasty cake recipe and perfect your decorating skills.

Ask Friends and Family to Contribute to a Party

Are you throwing a party for the birthday boy or girl? If so, ask your loved ones to contribute to the event, so they can enjoy a fantastic party, and you are free from the financial burden. Everyone can bring food and a bottle of drink to the party, which will only cost people a few pounds, but it will quickly add up to a delicious buffet and a wide selection of drinks.

Sign Up for Birthday Freebies

Cut the cost of a birthday by signing up to various freebies a few weeks before the special day. Many restaurants are more than happy to provide people with a thoughtful freebie on their birthday, such as a free dessert, meal or appetiser. So, take advantage of the free items or discounts when your child or partner’s birthday rolls around – and you could even sign up for your own birthday perk!

Buy Decorations from a Discount Retailer

There are many discount retailers on the market that can provide various accessories for a pound or so. People on a birthday budget can, therefore, stock up on affordable paper cups, balloons, streamers, place settings and other decorations, so your money can go further, and your loved one will have an unforgettable day.

Browse Social Media

Social media websites are the perfect place to discover affordable birthday ideas. For instance, Pinterest provides various craft ideas that can help you create a brilliant party on a budget, as well as birthday cake inspirations and affordable gifts you can make yourself. Again, you can guarantee the birthday girl or boy will appreciate all the effort you have made to make their day truly special.

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