7 Creative Yet Easy Garden Design Ideas

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Gardens are a place where you can enjoy some fresh air and have a peace of mind. No matter if your garden is big or small, either one would provide you calm and relaxation. You can plant different types of trees and flowers, make a sitting area, add swings, build an outdoor kitchen and much more in your garden.

Set your garden in a way that you can spend some time there with your family, study in the fresh air, have barbeque parties or a chit chat session with your friends. Below are some fantastic garden designs which are extremely creative yet easy and can be done on a DIY basis.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/watering-plants-with-a-watering-can-6442/

  1. Use Artificial Grass 

Taking care of grass is a very strict responsibility when it comes to gardening because if you don’t take due care of your garden’s grass then there would be patches of sand in your garden which makes it quite unpleasing. If you have a very hectic schedule and cannot pay much attention to the grass then artificial grass is your way to go.  These are sort of a carpet which can be laid easily in your garden and gives a lush green look. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about trimming and watering it every other day. All you’d have to do is clean it once a while with water. 

  1. Plants Flowers on Sidewalks

A great way to enhance the appeal of your house and the garden is to add charming, small and colourful flowers on the sidewalk. You can also add small terra cotta containers along the entire sidewalk each having small colourful plants. 

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bloom-blooming-country-countryside-145685/

  1. Hang Some Plants 

Create an eye-catching look by adding hanging plants in your garden. You can create a corner to hang small pots or use an existing rod or a pipe for hanging. 

  1. Reuse Old Furniture

Is there any old chair, dresser, bench or a table that is resting in your storeroom? If yes, then its time to get creative and reuse that old piece of furniture. Take that furniture out, spray paint it with some funky colour, decorate it and put it in a suitable place in your garden. 

  1. Add a Hanging Swing 

Hanging swings or chairs are the latest type of swings which can be used both indoor as well as outdoors. Adding them in your garden will spruce up the value and people would love the soft seat pad and comfy cushions. You can enjoy the pleasant weather and daydream while sitting in that swing, read your favourite book or curl up in it to relax for a while. 

  1. Recycle Jars and Grow In It Herbs 

You can maximize the space by growing herbs in tins and jars. However, don’t forget to put some stones in a jar and make holes at the base of tin so that water can drain through them. 

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/yellow-and-red-tulip-flower-plant-beside-white-fence-701758/

  1. ColoUr the Fences 

If the fences look boring in a uniform colour then spice their look by colouring them with different colours. A colourful garden is unquestionably very appealing. 

Moreover, do read garden quotes that will keep you pumped up for daily care.

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