5 Ways to Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

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A recent survey shows that just 64 percent of the British public believe in climate change. This figure is at an all-time high but suggests that there is still a long way to go in terms of education about the predicted impact of climate change on Joe Public. However, for the majority, it is not a viable option to just sit back and let global warming happen.

Instead, it is increasingly important to be proactive in your approach towards helping the environment. This doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, helping to combat climate change can be surprisingly simple. One area, to begin with, is how you are running your car. Below are a series of simple suggestions that will help to make sure your car is more environmentally friendly.

Used cars

You may be surprised to learn that buying a used car is often better for the environment than buying a new car, even one that claims to be better for the environment. By buying a used car, you are avoiding the problem of carbon dioxide emitted at each stage of the production of a new vehicle. The carbon dioxide produced as a result of manufacturing can actually cancel out the eco-friendly elements car dealerships love to focus on. However, it is possible to get the best of both worlds! Why not purchase a used car that is also made with the intention of being environmentally friendly? For instance, the Ford Kuga boasts an efficient EcoBoost engine: a small, light-weight engine that demands less fuel and is able to secure more precise fuel measurements.

Drive more economically

Make sure that when you are driving you are doing everything within your power to save your fuel. Ensure that your boot is not weighed down with unnecessary items. If you are transporting bikes, opt for the lightest and most aerodynamic bike rack available. You can also make a huge impact on your fuel consumption by monitoring the speed at which you are driving. In the name of fuel-efficient driving, you must: avoid aggressive driving, stay steadily at the speed limits, check your tires, avoid idling your vehicle and select the appropriate gear. It has also been suggested that you can improve your gas mileage between 10-15% if you drive at 55mph instead of 65mph.

Hand wash your car

There are many benefits to hand washing your car. For one, you can be in control of the products used on your vehicle. Instead of cheaper cleaning aids that can damage your paintwork, you can invest the money you would have spent paying someone else to clean your car, in more expensive products of a much better quality. Washing your own car can also be great for the environment. You can collect the water yourself in a water butt, or at least make sure to reuse the water for another purpose. By taking matters into your own hands you are looking at using around 15 gallons of water. This is a significantly smaller amount than is used by the commercial drive-through systems. These systems require between 35 to 50 gallons per wash.

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