5 Staple Menswear Pieces for 2017 and beyond

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It’s time to take a look in your wardrobe. Now in your chest of drawers. Like what you see? No? Then it’s time for a shake up this year.

Whether you choose what’s hanging in your wardrobe or you rely on your girlfriend to steer you towards the right outfit, it’s a good idea to nail these five staple items so that you’re always looking your best…

The leather jacket

It goes with everything and creates that bad-boy vibe every guy wants to channel once in a while. Be sure to look for the real thing: it is worth investing in because a real leather jacket will mould to your shape and soften up with wear. Pair yours with a simple white tee and jeans for the weekend, or over a shirt for a night out.

The canvas trainer

Canvas high tops are always a good choice and work for everyday style, but they also work for smarter looks too. You don’t have to buy Converse All Stars or Vans either; the high street offers plenty of cheaper alternatives with ankle grazing styles to mid calf lengths, ready for you to channel whatever vibe you want. White goes with everything but don’t be afraid to dabble in bold reds, simple black or even green.

Alternatively, patterned canvas trainers are always popular – Van’s recent Toy Story range went down well – and collaborations with high end designers are available. Alternatively, you can still pick up a pair of checked slip-on shoes if you fancy throwing back to your emo days.

The check shirt

The classic check flannel shirt goes with everything and looks good on everyone – and for those who particularly love this look, the good news is that the piece of clothing is available in every colour under the sun. If you’re looking to create a ‘staple’ wardrobe stick to the basic colours – red, green and blue – that can be paired with your favourite jeans every day.

The mix and match blazer

The blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe, perfect for work, an important interview, or for a Friday night date. But first, it’s a good idea to learn the difference between a blazer, a sports jacket and a suit jacket:

Blazer: Lightweight, usually a single-breasted jacket, worn open.

Sports jacket: Thicker fabric featuring a traditional pattern such as herringbone or tweed.

Suit jacket: Single or double-breasted, structured jacket to be worn with matching trousers.

The blazer, therefore, is the most popular as it lends itself to more styling situations. Opt for one in black or navy and wear it with plain t-shirts and jeans or shirts minus the tie for an everyday look for the office or for a something that really fits you, look into getting a local suit tailor.

The raw denim jeans

Wanna know why raw denim is so popular? It doesn’t need regular washing! It also fades in all the right places over time and is made to last – so you won’t need to purchase new jeans anywhere near as often. Pick up a pair in a slim fit style to ensure they’re always on trend. Check out this guide on the best jeans for your shape if you’re unsure though.

Grab these five staple wardrobe pieces and your wardrobe will be ticking all the boxes in 2017 and beyond.

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