Bayern Star Offers Premier League Trio Terrific Value for Money

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Since winning the Champions League last season, Bayern Munich have replaced Barcelona as the team to match in Europe.

The Bundesliga Champions were praised for their squad depth last season, and over the summer, new manager Pep Guardiola strengthened even further by signing Mario Gotze and Thiago. Guardiola also introduced club captain Phillip Lahm to a new anchorman role, which surprised many, but has given Bayern yet another reliable option in midfield.

Despite having undoubted quality, it’s hard to understand why they are risking Toni Kroos’ future by stalling over a new contract.

In the last couple years, Kroos has become an important member of their squad due to his passing range switching possession and opening up defences. He also has other attributes including accurate shooting, as shown against Arsenal in the Champions League recently. His superb opener in North London topped of a Man of the Match display.

The German international is also sensible and intelligent. He often holds a deep position in midfield, usually alongside either Lahm or Bastian Schweinsteiger, to allow others to bomb forward. But with Kroos’ future in doubt, it offers a potential opportunity for one of England’s big clubs to bring in a fantastic footballer.

If a transfer did happen, one thing for certain is that Bayern wouldn’t let it take place on the cheap. It’s reported they want £35million for Kroos should he not sign a new contract but for a player who only recently turned 24, it’s a fee that will cause many journalists and fans to ask questions. However, there’s nothing to suggest that the former Bayer Leverkusen man would struggle in England.

After all, Kroos has already played in a Champions League final and been to two major international tournaments.

This year’s World Cup in Brazil will be his third, and it’s expected he’ll be a starter for Germany ahead of Sami Khedira, Sven Bender and Ilkay Gundogan.

Along with Arsenal, Kroos has produced brilliant performances against other quality opposition in the Champions League, including Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Therefore, not only would £35million be a reasonable price for the midfielder, but in fact, it would be an absolute steal considering the valuation in today’s market.

And in case Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, who are all reportedly interested, needed further invitation, Kroos has already publically stated, “It’s no secret that the Premier League is a possibility for me.”

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